Revolutionising the student housing ecosystem

Hundreds of businesses use Housemates marketplace, software and API’s to accept student bookings, receive data and promote their businesses online.

We are building the future of student accommodation.

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The worlds leading instant book platform that has grown to operate in over 100 cities across the UK, Ireland, Australia & Canada.

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Regulatory requirements, long processes, outdated software, and endless suppliers still create a lot of complexity in the industry today. Our mission is to make booking accommodation seamless.

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Used by

  • Global Marketing Platform
  • Easy to use accommodation API’s
  • Instant access to global markets and accommodation providers

Our vision:

To connect the student housing ecosystem through tech and data, enabling students to book their perfect home securely online.

Lydia Jones - CEO, Housemates
Lydia Jones
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Accommodation operators can use Housemates not only to accept bookings but also to quickly support new markets, upgrade existing systems and integrate with new tools.

Our products

Any business – from EdTech platforms to financial enterprises – can build with Housemates to search and book accommodation.

Why work with Housemates?

A technology-first approach to student accommodation.

Low Cost

Zero upfront cost and 70% cheaper than traditional lead generation platforms.


Ceilings don’t exist at Housemates. Wether it’s 100 rooms or 100,000 - our systems and API’s scale with your business.


Our operators, systems and processes are all regulated to ensure maximum security.

Mission Focused

Every product, feature, partnership and release links back to our core mission - being student first.

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Global Scale

The powerhouse of global accommodation.

Housemates makes booking accommodation easy. Our teams are based in offices around the world helping both businesses and students connect across the UK, Europe, Australia and Canada.