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PMS Integrations

Reduce costs and never double-sell a room again all without manual intervention.

How it works

Add value to PBS and BTR clients with seamless syncing of bookings.

Diagram of Housemates processes

Why work with Housemates?

A technology-first approach to student accommodation.

No Additional Cost

Housemates work direct with the PMS provider covering all communication, build timeline, development and maintenance costs.

Less Admin

Ceilings don’t exist at Housemates. Whether it’s, one central bank account of two hundred Payments+ was built for large organisations.

Easy Reconciliation

Our operators, systems and processes are all regulated to ensure maximum security.

Quicker Fulfilment

Every business is different. Set your refund process, deposit amount, bank account and payout schedule - make it yours.

student bookings - without the heavy lifting.

Our product team are excited to hear more about your business use case.

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